Less HTML. Less Mess

CSS Frameworks shouldn't have to make your HTML a mess. This one doesn't.

Tidy reduces the amount of HTML required for your pages, but doesn't limit you to a certain way of doing things. Give it a try, use less and achieve more.

Download from GitHub Tidy.min.css

Use it your way

Tidy is here to help you build your layouts the way you want them built, avoiding restricting you where possible. From clean and simple, to the standard grid approach. It's got your back.

Break it apart

Don't treat Tidy like it's some untouchable piece of CSS that needs to be left alone. Modify it, add to the selectors and pull bits out. It can take it.

It's responsive

Basic responsiveness is included with Tidy, it'll do 1170, 960, and collapse on mobile browsers. Need more levels? It's super easy to add them in yourself. Alternatively, ask me nicely and it may be added to a later release!

Get to the Git!

All of the project files for Tidy can be found over at GitHub. This includes commented versions of the code!

Have you tried Tidy?

I would love to hear how you got on! Tell me your thoughts, stories and issues!